Training Page

In preparation for future careers in academic or commercial research, exTra will equip all DoC with scientific skills to:

  • Design and conduct an independent scientific research project at the level of a post-doctoral scientist,
  • Maintain an expert level of knowledge and understanding of Immunology, especially Transplant Immunology,
  • Perform advanced statistical analyses of large datasets, including creation of predictive models,
  • Work and communicate effectively as part of an interdisciplinary and diverse team,
  • Identify possibilities for exploiting their research, in terms of further research, clinical application or commercialization.

The 11 doctoral degree projects offered by exTra primarily relate to one of four scientific work packages (WP1-4) and all students will be required to participate in WP5, which teaches generic research and transferable skills. Doctoral degrees will be awarded through host institutions or through affiliated local universities.
Teaching transferable and communication skills relevant to the workplace is a high priority for exTra. At local and network levels, DoC will learn about (i) working in multidisciplinary projects, (ii) data management, (iii) understanding business-related possibilities of research, (iv) medical ethics and scientific integrity, (v) scientific writing; (v) making career decisions, and (vi) preparing grant-applications and fund-raising. Network-wide skills training will be delivered through Training Schools and Workshops.
Training activities offered by exTra will be organized at three levels: local training opportunities, secondments and network-wide training activities.
DoC will be expected to participate in some relevant national and international meetings or conferences.
WP5 (Educational standards and network-wide training activities) is led by Prof. Eva Martínez Cáceres of Germans Trias i Pujol Research Institute, Barcelona, Spain